Kas Boat Charter

Kas Boat Charter



For first-time visitors

Structure of the Region


Kaş, the westernmost district of Antalya, has been home to many civilizations over the years. It is one of the rare holiday resorts that has survived to the present day and has not lost its texture.


In the center of Kaş, you can walk everywhere in a very short time without the need to use a car. However, if you don’t like walking, we can say that you will get a little tired.

Because of its structure, it is hard and has high slopes. Especially where the district center is located, the slope is quite high.

However, hotels and accommodation destinations can see the sea from many places, thanks to the slope that rises rapidly above sea level. In this way, the rooms overlooking the sea make you feel more peaceful and add a nice detail to your vacation. At the same time, the fact that the harbor is visible from every point of the center presents Kas Marina and Port with a fascinating view at sunset. Since our Kas yacht charter experience will start from this marina and harbor, transportation is actually quite convenient.


As you come towards the sea level, the view that welcomes you is the cliff stone structure. In fact, the center of Kaş is quite good for sea and sun, although it does not have sandy beaches, there is a magnificent structure that descends to the sea level layer by layer and allows sun loungers and piers with an authentic atmosphere.

In fact, the areas where you can swim in the sea are not enough for you to see the real structure and nature of Kaş. Because Kaş’s overseas regions are home to many civilizations. There is more than one way to get there. One of these is to charter one of the Kas yachts for charter options with a skipper.



What about the most beautiful locations of Kaş?

How to reach them?


Kas Private Boat rental service will give you the opportunity to see the real bays of Kas that you cannot see by car or on foot.

On our route

  • Kas 5 Islands
  • Little creek bay
  • Harbor mouth
  • Shepherd’s Cove
  • Güvercinlik

There are 5 different bays. A magnificent tour where you will experience all the bays from the sea. We anchor in the bays on this route and take swimming breaks.



Kas daily boat rental

Some important issues


It is necessary to talk about how to get Kas Boat Charter service. Unlike car rental, boat rental service is not left completely under your control. That wouldn’t make much sense anyway. Because many people do not have experience to drive a boat.
Therefore, for the convenience of our guests, the most comfortable choice is to rent the boat with a captain. You don’t need to find the captain separately. Currently all our boats are chartered with their own skipper. In other words, when you get a rental service, the captain service is also included.


A second important issue is that, unlike a boat tour , you will not travel with hundreds of people you do not know. Since it is a private charter only for you, the captain and assistant staff are on board to serve you. This way, you can spend time with your family and have fun with your friends as you wish.
Thanks to the sound systems in our boats, you will listen to great music throughout the tour and if you want, you can also turn on your own music. Our captain and assistant staff will guide you in this regard.


The third important aspect is the private kitchen, which is also much richer and more varied than boat tours. Every region has some famous flavors. These are best known and done by the local people of that region.

The special dinner menu, which is much higher quality than the restaurants in the center of Kaş, is served in our Kaş daily boat rental service. On our menu

  • Appetizers
  • Olive Oil
  • Mediterranean salad
  • Fish or Chicken

are available. In general, boat charter services do not include catering. Our guests shop for the menu they want to be prepared and hand it over to the captain. Auxiliary personnel make preparations in line with demand.

However, unlike other locations, Kaş Boat Charter service offers meals within the program, so you can enjoy the boat without getting involved in anything.


It should also be noted that. These dishes are specially prepared by the wives of the boat owners with local products. It is made the day before, brought to the boat on the morning of the reservation day and served fresh.
In this way, the boat owners, who are the locals of Kaş, work selflessly by not serving you simple prepared foods. Thus, Kaş Boat Charter service will be remembered both for the magnificent views and the flavors they leave on the palate.


Kas Private Yacht Charter service

How many hours does it take?


Our program starts every day at 10:00 am from Kaş harbor. The route and program takes 7 hours in total and ends back at the port at 17:00. The ideal time of day for swimming and sunbathing is the morning round.

For our guests who do not like the morning hours or who are not available at this time, we can recommend the fantastically beautiful sunset tour of Kas private yacht charter . You can experience an unforgettable moment with your loved ones in the middle of a magnificent view at sunset time. Marriage proposals, birthdays and different celebrations are very suitable for these times.


The sunset tour starts from Kaş harbor at 17.30 and lasts about 2 hours. As it is a short tour, no food is served. The service includes the captain’s meal and the remaining fees excluding beverages.

Of course, if you wish, we can offer the program with dinner. For this, you can send your special requests to our team.



Kas Yacht Charter Prices


Pricing and Affecting Factors

Yacht charter prices in Kaş vary depending on a number of factors. These factors include

  • Size of Boat and Yacht
  • Hardware
  • Date you want to rent
  • Number of people
  • Location
  • Route and content


and many additional services. Prices can often increase in the summer months, especially during the high season, while more affordable prices can be found in other seasons. This is why Kas charter yachts have so many price combinations. If pricing were to be based on a single program, there would be some legal problems. For example; let’s assume that the price of a full-scale rental for 10 people is 10.000tl. In a program broadcast in this way, having a single price is not in line with the dynamics of the sector, as if 6 people pay the same price in a program broadcast in this way, it will cause undeserved gain for us, and if a team of 12 people pay the same price, it will cause the yacht owner to be victimized.


As Limancepte Travel Agency, here are some tips on Kaş boat rental prices so that you can quickly reach a conclusion on this subject

  • Clearly define the number of people and the type of rental you want to choose
  • You can ask our team for route options suitable for your rental type with options
  • Route options change prices. At the same time, food content is also a variable in price.
  • If you want to make it more affordable, you can also take a look at shared rentals.
  • If your main goal is to swim in bays and see new places, choose boats with more likes than exterior images
  • When making your price comparison, make sure that you are in a real agency that is a member of TURSAB (Association of Turkish Travel Agencies) and registered in the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. On the websites of TURSAB member agencies, there is definitely a statement that says Document numbers. These documents, which must be present in travel agencies, are quite costly and their main purpose is to pass the necessary audits to provide confidence to consumers. In this way, you can get away from malicious sellers and prevent your vacation experience from turning into a nightmare.

In this way, it guarantees that the companies you get prices from convey a real Kas boat rental price offer and that you can find an interlocutor before and after booking.



If you have chosen the right boat for you

How to make a reservation?


Reservation steps for Kas Boat Charter are as follows;


  1. Choose from Day or Sunset Tours
  2. Set Your Date
  3. Choose the right boat for your number of people
  4. Confirm availability by contacting our team
  5. 40% prepay and reserve the day and program of your choice for yourself


After the booking steps, Kaş Boat Charter service will be waiting for you on the dates you choose with the captain and other content. We do not leave you alone during the tour with our reservation team that you can reach 24/7 before and after the tour. You can always contact us and let us know if there is a problem. See you in the deep blue seas!

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