Bodrum Yacht Charter

Bodrum Yacht Charter: Best Boat Options

Bodrum is a major tourist destination in southwestern Turkey, surrounded on three sides by the Aegean Sea, and is known as a luxury motor yacht paradise. It also offers a unique destination with its rich cultural history, spectacular natural beauty, and crystal clear waters.

Bodrum yacht charter options range from motor yachts to gulets, sailboats, and catamarans, offering ideal conditions for those who want to travel between Bodrum and Marmaris. June and October are the best time to explore these enchanting bays.

Yacht Charter Options in Bodrum

There is a wide range of yacht charter options in Bodrum, and there is an alternative for every budget and preference. Here are some of the options that stand out:

  • Gulet Charter: Traditional wooden gulets are one of Bodrum’s iconic boats. These guides offer all kinds of comforts and can provide an unforgettable vacation experience in the clear waters of the Aegean.
  • Motor Yachts: Offering speed and luxury, motor yachts are ideal for exploring Bodrum and the surrounding bays. Their modern and stylish designs attract attention, and motor yachts promise a comfortable sea voyage.
  • Catamaran and Sailing Charter: Sailboat and catamaran rental options are also available for sea enthusiasts. These types of boats offer an experience of being in touch with nature by moving with the power of the wind.

Companies such as Okeanos Yachting and Guletbookers offer yacht charter services in Bodrum to give customers an unforgettable holiday experience with customized routes and excellent customer service. When renting a boat, you can set off from Yalıkavak Marina, one of Bodrum’s luxury marinas, or you can rent large gulets for weekly tours from the center of Bodrum.

Routes and Bays to Visit in Bodrum

The most beautiful bays and routes to visit in and around Bodrum will make your yacht charter experience unforgettable. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Gulf of Gokova: Famous for its magnificent nature and crystal clear waters, it is a perfect option for a boat trip
  2. Kissebuku and Mazı Bays: Paradise corners with turquoise sea, natural beauties, and historical texture
  3. Iasos and Golturkbuku Bays: Bays of natural beauty and historical significance

With a Bodrum yacht charter, you can visit these bays, depart from Bodrum’s luxury marinas, and sail in the fascinating waters of the Mediterranean and Aegean. Each bay promises a unique experience and tranquility.

Cost of Yacht Charter

Bodrum yacht charter costs vary greatly depending on the type of boat chosen, charter duration, and additional services. Below is a summary of the costs you need to consider when chartering a yacht in Bodrum:

  • Boat Type and Size: The lowest daily charter cost for a gulet type boat starts at 26,670 ₺, 13,880 ₺ for a sailing boat, 45,112 ₺ for a motor yacht, and 104,105 ₺ for a custom-built boat. The highest daily rental cost can be up to 872,507 ₺.
  • Rental Period and Time: Daily tours run from 10:00 to 17:00, while evening tours (17:30 to 21:00) are more affordable. boat rental period is determined as a minimum of 1 night and a maximum of 14 nights. Prices may vary during holidays, special days, and high season.
  • Included Services: Charter prices usually include insurance, VAT, crew, fuel, equipment, and transfers. Rentals are available in catered, all-inclusive, or boat-only concepts. For private boat tours, prices vary according to additional services and number of people.

Given this information, choosing the most suitable option, considering your budget and expectations, is important when planning a yacht charter in Bodrum. Booking early can result in savings of up to 50%.

Things to Consider When Chartering a Yacht

Things to consider when chartering a yacht:

Yacht Types and Charter Types

  • Consider different types of yachts, such as gulets, trawlers, motor yachts, and catamarans.

You can choose the type of charter according to your preferences, such as water sports, bay exploration, business trips, sports activities, or gourmet tours.

Location, Number of Guests, and Additional Requests
Choose from locations such as Fethiye, Gocek, Bodrum, Marmaris, and Antalya

  • Determine the appropriate yacht size according to your planned number of guests.
  • Specify any special requests,, such as dietary requirements or equipment needs.
    Reservation Period and Yacht Specifications

    • The duration of your booking will affect the cost and availability of the yacht.
    • Consider yacht features such as the number of cabins and type of accommodation.


Bodrum is an ideal destination for those looking for an unforgettable vacation experience on the sea, with its unique natural beauty, luxury marinas, and a variety of yacht charter options. This unique region offers alternatives for every taste and budget with both traditional wooden gulets and modern motor yachts. It has excellent options for those who want to enjoy the sea and the sun. Exploring Bodrum’s magnificent bays and routes makes this experience even more special and memorable.

Considering the tricks to be considered when renting a yacht, making a customized holiday plan with every detail thought out will make your Bodrum yacht charter experience even more enjoyable. By considering the right type of boat, ideal routes, and cost-effective options, you can enjoy Bodrum’s luxury and comfort by sailing on a unique sea adventure in the clear waters of the Aegean. This journey, where you will accumulate unforgettable memories with every step, offers an unmissable opportunity for sea enthusiasts.


What should be considered when renting a boat?
There are eight main categories you should pay attention to during the boat rental process:

  • Rental Type: Are you renting for vacation or for a business event?
  • Yacht Type: Which type of yacht do you prefer?
  • Location and Destination: The place to rent and the destinations you want to visit.
  • Number of Guests: How many people will you be traveling with?
  • Additional Requests: Do you have special requests or needs?
  • Booking time: When you need to make a reservation.
  • Budget: What is your budget?
  • Results: Identify the most suitable option based on these criteria.

How much is the boat rental?
Boat rental fees vary according to the boat’s type and size, the charter’s duration, and additional services. It is best to contact the rental company for an exact price.

What are the prices for boat trips in Bodrum?
As of 2024, Bodrum Boat Tour (Halicarnassus) prices have been determined as 450 Lira for adults and 350 Lira for children between 6 and 12 years old. Children between 0 and 6 years old are free of charge.

From which point do boat tours in Bodrum depart?
Boat tours organized in Bodrum depart from Gumbet Harbor.

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