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Located in the easternmost part of Mugla, Fethiye, with its low population density and natural beauties, makes the town different from other localities and welcomes tens of thousands of guests every year with its holiday concept villas and boutique hotels. Especially in the center of the center, there are restaurants, music venues and cultural activities where you can have fun.


The coast to the sea offers magnificent views, but it is not possible to enter the sea and swim from the center. For beautiful beaches you need to get a little away from the center. Fethiye has many options in this regard due to its location. Since Ölüdeniz coast is located on one side and Göcek on the other, it is quite close to reach the alternatives that these destinations have.

At the same time, Fethiye offers the opportunity to discover magnificent bays by sea thanks to its islands.


Exploring the islands is possible by boat tour or Fethiye yacht charter. One of the most popular islands included in the route, Yassıca islands attract attention with its clear sea and unspoiled natural beauty. The full route and its content is the main topic of this article.


Fethiye Private Yacht Charter


If you want to fully experience Fethiye, where you plan your holiday program, you should definitely explore its magnificent islands and bays. You can make a journey to the magnificent blue waters by making a private rental for yourself with your group of friends or family that you come to vacation together.

The captain and assistant staff who will accompany you in Fethiye yacht charter service will guide you throughout the tour to get to know the region.


Some important


First of all, we would like to emphasize some information for our guests who will rent for the first time or who have not received service in this region before.

First of all, all our Fethiye yacht charter options are offered with captain. Each boat and yacht has its own captain and staff. They are on board your boat or yacht to make your journey the most comfortable. So you can have fun without any responsibility.


Secondly, the programs you want to do are planned and presented in a fully comprehensive way in order to provide you with the best service beforehand. The meal content and route are prepared by us. Special requests are taken into consideration before booking.


To swim in Fethiye charter boats, you need to bring towels and personal belongings with you. Life buoy and vest are available on our yachts and boats for non-swimmers. Children and non-swimming adults also have the opportunity to have uninterrupted fun in this way.


Finally, prices include fuel, captain and crew fees, meals and refreshments. There is no extra charge for these.


A must-discover
Spectacular Routes


Fethiye is very rich in this regard. Both its own bays and islands and the nearby bays of Oludeniz and Gocek are within easy reach from Fethiye. Route contents vary according to the program content you choose.

Here are the routes you can visit with Fethiye yacht charter service.

  • Knight Island
  • Shipyard Island
  • Aquarium bay
  • Red Island
  • Yassicalar Island
  • Haystack Bay
  • Butterfly Valley
  • Oludeniz
  • Blue cave
  • Cold water dark
  • Pumpkin dark


It should not be forgotten that

The bays presented above vary according to the programs of the Fethiye charter boats you choose. These programs are in 3 different forms as Ölüdeniz route, Göcek route and Fethiye route. The routes that are most suitable for the preferred programs are sent to you.


For example, the Blue cave and Butterfly valley, which are on the Ölüdeniz route, will not be on your route if you choose the Göcek program, instead the 12 islands bays will be on your route. At the same time, each location has more than 10 bays. With Fethiye daily yacht charter service or yacht charter service, it is almost impossible to visit all the bays in a total of 7 hours tour boat. Therefore, you will be informed about the route according to the program you will choose before the tour. This route is designed to give you the best time during your rental period with uninterrupted fun. You can always contact our team for detailed information.


Clock options


Fethiye boat rental service offered in Fethiye aims to offer a day full of unforgettable sea adventures and swimming in unique bays. It should be noted that although the terms Boat and Yacht are different in appearance, the programs we offer are exactly the same. For this reason, you should consider all the terms Boat and Yacht mentioned in our article as a single title. These programs do not mean different things.

One of our most popular programs starts at 10.00 am in the morning with Fethiye private boat charter, departing from Fethiye harbor. This program includes bay excursions and swimming breaks. At 13.00, a delicious lunch is served.


The menu includes:

  • Meatballs, fish or chicken
  • Seasonal salad
  • Special homemade appetizers
  • Fresh fruit served

Your choice of meatballs, fish or chicken for the main menu will be determined by contacting you before booking. For example, for a total of 10 people, it is important to note how many people prefer which main course. On the day of the reservation, meals are carefully prepared with freshly sourced ingredients and served hot by our professional staff.


Under the important information heading, there are details about what you need to bring with you and the rental process. Checking out this information will make your experience even more enjoyable.

If you wish to explore the islands on your route, our captain will guide you and suggest the most suitable bays and sightseeing spots. Thanks to the music systems on our yachts and boats, you can add color to your tour by turning on the music you want.


Fethiye private boat rental service, which starts at 10.00 in the morning and lasts 7 hours, ends in Fethiye harbor at 17.00 in the evening.

If you would like a different rental time or a special program, our team will assist you. You can use our WhatsApp line or phone numbers to contact us.





Fethiye daily yacht charter offers the perfect opportunity for unforgettable events accompanied by the mesmerizing view of the sunset. Here are some alternatives for those who don’t just want to do sightseeing tours or want to celebrate special occasions:

  1. Birthday Concept:Provide the perfect setting for a special birthday celebration. Celebrating your birthday with your loved ones in a magnificent bay under the sunset will be an unforgettable experience.
  2. Marriage Proposal:Make a unique marriage proposal to your sweetheart on the sea in a romantic atmosphere. The sea shimmering under the sunset and the magnificent view will make this moment forever unforgettable.
  3. Bachelorette:If you want to spend a special day with your friends, yacht charter can be a great option for a bachelor party. In this way, you can have fun at sea throughout the day with a boat with a captain you choose among Fethiye yachts for rent and collect special memories.
  4. Anniversary Organizations:Organize a romantic anniversary organization to celebrate your love. Celebrate the years you have spent together and create new memories by taking a special sunset tour with a yacht charter.

For a magnificent organization, you can choose the contents carefully prepared by our team. Details such as decoration, cake and decor are organized and presented to you according to your wishes. So you can celebrate a special day with your loved ones in the best possible way.

In full-scale Fethiye yacht charter organizations, your yacht or boat is decorated and table decorations are carefully arranged before booking. This way, when you arrive at the port, all the details are ready and you can just enjoy yourself.

For those who want to make your own decorations, with our hourly Fethiye yacht charter service, you can bring the decorations you want and design your concept according to your own taste by renting only the yacht or boat with captain. In this way, you can completely personalize your Fethiye private yacht charter experience.

Top of Form

Below the Form


How to make a reservation?


We will be sharing the reservation steps with you for the convenience of our guests who will receive Fethiye private boat rental service for the first time. The two most important points to consider here are firstly, the number of people and your choice of location, and secondly, what you will be renting for. These can lead to irreparable losses. Therefore, you should always confirm and try to complete the steps.


  1. Choose Charter Option: As a first step, choose the yacht charter option you need. Choose from options such as daily charter, weekly charter or Fethiye private boat rental for special events.
  2. Determine the Number of People: Determine how many people you have for the rental. This is important in determining what size yacht would be suitable and what kind of equipment you might need.
  3. Determine the time and date of the rental: Clarify the date and hours you want to rent. This will help our team to find a suitable yacht for you and check availability.
  4. Confirm Availability by Contacting Our Team: Contact our yacht charter team in Fethiye to confirm availability on the dates and times you specify. This step will help you check if there is a yacht available on the dates you want.
  5. Finalize the Booking with 40% Prepayment: Once availability is confirmed, you will be required to make a 40% prepayment to finalize the booking. This will ensure that the yacht you want will be reserved for you on the set dates.

By following these steps, you can complete the yacht charter process in Fethiye quickly and easily. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or needs.



Prices for Fethiye yacht charter



Fethiye yacht charter prices vary depending on various factors. These factors include:

  • The size and equipment of the yacht,
  • The date and duration you want to rent,
  • Number of groups or individuals,
  • Rental location,
  • Elements such as the route and content stand out.

However, extra services are also among the other factors that affect the price. During the summer months, prices usually increase due to high demand, while more affordable prices can be found in other seasons. Therefore, Fethiye charter yachts have a wide price scale.

Using a single pricing program may be legally inconvenient. For example, a price set for a group of 10 people may not be fair if renting with fewer or more people. Therefore, flexible pricing methods are preferred according to different requirements and group sizes.

As Limancepte Travel Agency, we offer you a few suggestions on Fethiye yacht charter prices:

  • Determine your group size and rental type.
  • Request route options for your charter type and compare prices.
  • Details such as route choice and meal content can affect prices.
  • Consider shared rental options for more affordable prices.
  • When choosing the right boat for your vacation, focus on scenery and experience.
  • When comparing prices, make sure to work with TURSAB member and reliable agencies. This will ensure that your vacation experience goes smoothly by learning Fethiye boat rental prices correctly.

In this way, you can get realistic and reliable price offers about Fethiye boat rental prices and enjoy your vacation.



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