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Gocek Yacht Charter



In General


It is an international tourist destination with its low houses surrounded by gardens, deep blue sea, hidden coves, majestic mountains famous for their pine forests, relaxing silence, as well as five first-class marinas. It was called Kalimce in ancient times and is located between Fethiye and Dalyan.


The ancient ruins of Kalimce can be seen underwater in nearby bays. The distance from Gocek to Fethiye is 27 km. You can provide transportation from Fethiye to Gocek district by car and its derivatives or Gocek yacht charter.


So, in Gocek
what are the places to visit?


Set in a tranquil bay surrounded by trees and forests, Göcek is a true pearl of the Mediterranean. The region has the status of a National Park and is under the protection of the state.

The islands of Göcek form an almost round natural harbor that protects it from the wind. In this respect, Göcek is known as a “natural marina”.


If you are tired of the noise and chaos of the big city, Göcek is the place for you. Away from the hotel complex of cumbersome and noisy resorts, a seaside resort alone with nature. Once preferred by celebrities such as Abramovich, Prince Charles, Bruce Willis, Tina Turner, Demi Moore, Rod Stewart, Göcek offers a magnificent luxury vacation.

Increasing in value and popularity every year, Göcek has become a favorite of many sea lovers around the world. At this point, the most preferred activity of visitors is Gocek yacht charter service.


Gocek Yacht Charter


Unlike boat tours, Göcek yacht charter offers a personalized experience. In boat tours, more than 100 people share the same boat and sail the standard route. At the same time, meal content is not open to choice. Pre-set menus are offered within the program. In private charter, a private yacht is allocated only to you.


Unlike renting a car, Gocek private yacht charter service is not left completely under your control. Because you need a driver’s license to drive a yacht just like any other vehicle. That is why each yacht has its own captain and crew already on board. In this way, it allows you to enjoy renting without taking responsibility.

On your private charter yacht, apart from you, there is a captain and auxiliary staff depending on the capacity. Unlike boat tours, the route can be prepared together before the program.

The content of the meal is completely personalized for you. For Gocek private yacht charter options, our team decides the menu with you during the reservation and transmits your requests to the captain. Thus, your program is shaped according to these contents.



What does it offer?


Boats and Yachts, Gocek offers two different options to experience sightseeing and swimming at the best hours of the day with private boat rental .

Our first frequently preferred program is the day tour starting from Gocek harbor. In this rental model

  • 10.00 departure from the marina.
  • Visit the bays within the determined route
  • At these places, anchors are dropped and swimming breaks are given
  • Lunch is served at 13.30.
  • Water sports (optional)
  • Snorkeling and Paddle board

Facilities on board the boat and the yacht, such as the boat and the yacht are offered free of charge and end at 17.00, returning to the harbor.


The second Göcek Yacht charter program is the sunset option. It is often preferred for special celebrations such as birthdays and anniversaries. It has many details such as decorations, dinner and cake that can be completely personalized. Depart from the harbor at 18.00 and anchor in a beautiful bay for an impressive view of the sunset at 19.00. Dinner or cake is served and ends at 21.30 at the port.


Gocek yacht charter is the last of the Gocek yacht charter options specially prepared for those who want to enjoy the sea for a long time. In this Gocek charter yacht option, the provisions belong to the guest. The ingredients of the meals to be prepared are provided, brought to the boat or yacht and delivered to the captain. It is prepared and served hot by our teammates on the boat or yacht during the tour. Upon request, provisions can also be exchanged by the captain. After shopping, the total amount is sent to you and no extra commission is charged.




Which bays do you go to?




Surrounded by 12 islands, resembling a peninsula
Gocek offers great opportunities for blue cruise, blue cruise, Gocek boat rental and exploring the holiday location with the most beautiful bays in Turkey. The center has many extra alternatives thanks to its proximity to Fethiye and Dalyan. here are some of them

  • Bedri Rahmi Bay
  • Yassicalar dark
  • Aquarium bay
  • Shipyard Island
  • Gocek island
  • Pig Island
  • Cleopatra Hamam bay
  • Sarsala Bay


Gocek private yacht charter program visits the bays mentioned above. Depending on the sea conditions and intensity, some of them are anchored and swimming breaks are given. If there are places you especially want to see, you can create a special route for you in line with your requests by informing our team before the tour.



Gocek yacht charter prices


Gocek private yacht charter is an experience that embellishes the dreams of sea lovers. However, there are some important details you should take into account before having this pleasant experience. In particular, Göcek yacht charter prices vary according to the service content and number of people you choose. For example, there can be a big difference between the price of a full charter option and an hourly charter with a skipper.


You can follow these steps to find out Gocek yacht charter prices:

1. First of all, you need to decide which type of charter you want to make among the Gocek yachts for charter. You can choose the most suitable one among the options offered to you (Day tour, Sunset tour or accommodation options). This choice plays an important role in pricing.

2. Next, you need to clarify how many people there will be. This will help you find the boat or yacht that suits you best. There are yachts of different sizes and capacities according to the number of people.

3. In accordance with the number of people you have determined, you can choose the most suitable one for you by examining nearly 50 boats and yachts in the Göcek region. Each boat may have different features and pricing.

4. Finally, you can find out the current prices by contacting our team via WhatsApp or our phone numbers with the rental option you have chosen, the date you want to rent and the number of people you want to rent. Thus, you can get the best price and service for you.

Take action now to step into an unforgettable sea adventure with our Göcek Yacht Charter prices services! Our team is always ready to offer you the most suitable options and provide you with current prices. Come on, contact us now for a dream sea voyage and start making unforgettable memories!




You have examined many options among Göcek charter yachts to explore the seas and have a nice vacation experience. You are getting closer to making the right choice for yourself. One of the most important criteria when comparing Gocek private boat rental options will be pricing. You may encounter different prices in this regard.

Since boat rental is a reservation-based business model, you need to make a prepayment to reserve the date of your choice. This prepayment may have been requested by persons in bad faith.

The documents that the company must have in order to be available as an interlocutor in every problem before and after the reservation.

  • Being a member of TURSAB (Turkish Travel Agencies Association)
  • Having a document number
  • Have a formal office and company

These show that you can find them again in the event of a contrary situation of the services provided by the companies and at the same time that they do their job professionally.

Don’t let this service you want to get for your vacation cost you both your energy and money because of malicious people!


How to make a reservation?


When you reach our team by following the steps mentioned above, you will be offered different Göcek Boat rental alternatives suitable for the requested dates and you will be informed about the prices. If you are renting for the first time, you will be informed verbally with all the program details again. In this way, it is aimed not to encounter surprises at sea by making the right choice.


Once you have decided on the option that best suits your needs, you can finalize your reservation by making a 40% prepayment. After the reservation is finalized, the marina from which the booked yacht will depart, program hours and details will be sent to you via e-mail and whatsapp. The location of the marina and the captain’s phone number will be forwarded to you on the day of booking for easy reference.

For the program you have booked, our captain will be waiting to meet you at the location. You can reach our team 24/7 and ask for help in any other case before and after the tour.


In the event that we do not fulfill any of the mentioned and agreed aspects, a refund of the deficiency will be made. If this deficiency adversely affects the entire rental or renders the rental unavailable, the full fee will be refunded.


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