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Kalkan Boat Rental



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Kalkan, the westernmost town of Antalya, famous for its villas, was first discovered by the British. The discovery here is not so much geographical, for example, but that its natural beauty makes it an ideal choice for a vacation. The center, which consists of hills, allows you to have a villa on every slope, so most of the villas have a sea front and you can see the magnificent sea views from inside the villa. At the same time, Kalkan Liman, located in the most beautiful place where the sea meets the land, adds a natural beauty to this view. Kalkan charter yachts here are the starting point of our fun adventures full of discovery.



Since the 1950s, the British have settled in this region and built villa-style residences and started to come to their own residences for vacation every year and spend their vacation time here. Over time, word spread among other citizens of the UK and the number of people wanting to visit this natural beauty increased. As such, the British, who owned their own residences, started renting them out to their compatriots and the first rental activities in this region were initiated. At the same time, Kalkan Boat Rental service has started to be frequently preferred by foreign visitors.


Realizing that the villas attracted high interest, the locals started to build their own villas, the number of villas in the region increased over time and rental activities started to attract the attention of local guests. This accommodation activity, which emerged as an alternative to hotels, has developed with the isolated holiday understanding brought by the pandemic and has reached levels to compete with hotel accommodation.

When it is mentioned, villas and vacations in villas come to mind. This isolated holiday concept offered by the villas is supported by Kalkan Boat rental service.



Kalkan boat rental

What are the advantages?


One of the most preferred activities of the groups in Kalkan for vacation is Kalkan Boat Rental. Unlike boat tours, private boats only offer services to a single group. Boat tours are programs in which many people share the same boat together and standard routes and meals are offered. In the bays, there is a break for a certain period of time and it is not open to preference which bay it will be.


One of the most frequently asked questions in these programs is whether Kalkan Boat Charter service is captained or not. All our boats are rented with captains and accompanied by assistant staff so that our guests who do not have sea experience do not have to deal with problems such as boat handling, cooking, technical problems and enjoy their vacation uninterruptedly. In this way, our guests will be able to see the most beautiful places to visit and receive the best treats in the most comfortable way. Also the Captain’s fee is not charged extra. All charters include a captain’s fee.



Compared to a boat trip

Advantages of private renting


  • Bays outside the standard routes are visited.
  • You can spend as much time as you like in your favorite bay.
  • You can turn on the music you want.
  • You will be served delicious specialties.
  • Paddle boarding and canoeing are available on the premises.
  • There are no other customers on the boat but you.
  • Alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks are available.
  • There are cabins where children can sleep.
  • After leaving the sea, you can take a shower with clean water.
  • You can report sensitive issues to our team.

This way you can get a fully customizable service.


Kalkan’s local delicacies are planned and carefully prepared by our captains and presented to you in Kalkan Boat Charter service. In addition to a wide variety of appetizers, you will be served a Mediterranean salad and your choice of chicken or fish for the main course. Portions of chicken or fish for the number of people are freshly cooked on the boat. Appetizers and salads are made the day before and brought to the boat on the day of the reservation. Our menus, which reflect the flavors of the local palate, are prepared according to the number of people you inform for reservation.


Kalkan Boat Rental

Special Route

Starting from Kalkan harbor

  • Mouse Island
  • Gerenlik Beach (you can take a mud bath on this beach)
  • Spring Cure
  • Aquarium Bay
  • Cruising to the clear sea of Fırnaz Bay

and return to Kalkan Harbor again.




Kalkan Private Boat Charter



DAY TOUR (10:00-17:00)

Our Kalkan Private Boat Charter options offer two different alternatives for sea lovers to have unforgettable experiences. The first choice and most popular is the day tour.

Starting from Kalkan Harbor at 10.00 am, you will embark on an adventure in the deep blue waters of the Aegean. By anchoring in the magnificent bays on our route, you can enjoy a swimming break in the clear waters waiting for you. A fresh and delicious lunch is served at noon, accompanied by the sea breeze. This charter tour lasts 7 hours in total and ends back at the port at 17.00.


SUNSET TOUR (17:30 – 21:00)

Another option, the sunset tour, departs from Kalkan Harbor at 17.30 with the boat of your choice among Kalkan Charter Boat options. On this tour, you will sail towards the calm waters, relieving the tiredness of the day. Two different bays are visited and a swimming break is given if desired. This tour, which is generally preferred for special events, is ideal for couples who want to experience romantic moments and those who want to celebrate their special days with sea views. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience peaceful moments with your loved ones in the mesmerizing moments of the sunset.


The catering offered on both tours helps you keep your energy up while enjoying the sea. The food options included in the excursion and swimming programs of our Kalkan private boat rental service are quite varied. On our menu

  • A choice of main courses such as meatballs, fish or chicken,
  • Seasonal salad,
  • Pasta or rice,
  • Guests can enjoy a selection of appetizers and snacks at the gastronomic restaurant.



Kalkan Boat Charter Prices


After determining the boat suitable for your date and number of people, you can get a price from our team. Our team will guide you by offering alternative options that fit your budget. The content offered within the program is fully comprehensive. You can share your requests for changes in package programs with us. Since there is no single answer to Kalkan Boat Charter Prices, you can reach the result quickly by following these steps. In this way, you will be able to learn the current prices and you will not encounter surprises on the boat.


As a Travel Agency, we aim to offer private boat charter service, which has been perceived as a luxury for years, to our guests at affordable prices without sacrificing quality. Do not waste time to find a new company for boat rental service in all ports of Turkey.

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