Kusadasi Boat Charter



A New World Opening to the Blue!


Kuşadası, a port town in the blue waters of the Aegean, where history and nature embrace, was called Neopolis as one of the most impressive ports of Anatolia in ancient times.

But history has taught us that transformation and change are inevitable. After a long period of Persian domination, Alexander the Great arrived on the scene and history began to be rewritten.


A whole new era began with the Hellenistic Age, blending Greek depth with the elegance of indigenous Anatolian civilization. It is possible to see traces of this synthesis in the streets of Ephesus, the walls of Miletus, the temples of Priene and the mysterious ruins of Didim.

Today, Kuşadası stands with this rich historical heritage. Traces of antiquity still wander its streets, every stone tells the story of thousands of years ago. Kusadasi is a meeting point where the past and the present embrace.


The best way to discover this historical heritage in the waters of Kuşadası is to embark on an adventure on the seas with Kuşadası boat rental service! While diving into the blue of the sky and the embracing coolness of the sea, exploring the unique beauties of the endless blue with Kuşadası charter boats is the first step to accumulate unforgettable memories.


What does it offer?


In Kusadasi, one of the hottest cities in Turkey, one of the most popular activities in the summer months is swimming in the sea. Local and foreign tourists prefer the magnificent beaches along the coast. Especially Kadınlar Denizi Beach, Kuştur Beach and Güvercinada Beach attract vacationers with their clean sea and golden sands. Sea enthusiasts set sail for new adventures in the waters of the Aegean Sea with their own boats or by choosing Kuşadası boat rental options.


Due to high demand, it can sometimes be crowded on the beaches, which can make it difficult for families or groups of friends to have a relaxed day. However, precisely for these reasons and for those who want to fully explore Kuşadası, Kuşadası boat rental service becomes a necessity.


Kuşadası is an ideal place for boat tourism with its historical texture, natural beauties and lively harbor. Historical sites such as the ancient city of Ephesus, the House of Virgin Mary and Kusadasi Castle, as well as natural beauties such as the surrounding pristine bays and Dilek Peninsula National Park are waiting to be discovered. Offering an ideal route for vacationers, Kuşadası boat rental service provides convenience for those who want to explore different routes and programs. The charter service is examined in detail to choose the most suitable boat and route among the various options, thus ensuring an unforgettable sea adventure.



Kusadasi Yacht Charter



Fun-filled Sea Adventure: Kusadasi is a paradise where you can spend hot summer days in the sea. We explore the indispensable spots such as Kadınlar Denizi Beach, Güvercinada Island and Kusadasi Marina, both touring the city and taking a pleasant swimming break in the cool waters. Don’t miss the alternatives that will surprise your eyes to experience brand new routes!


Private Party Time: Do you dream of a sea party with your own boat, captain and sailors at your service, where you can dance to the music of your choice and spice up your party with delicious food and drinks? An unforgettable sea experience awaits you in Kusadasi for birthdays, anniversaries, bachelor parties and even weddings!


Get your adrenaline pumping: Kuşadası is a paradise for water sports enthusiasts! With Kusadasi yacht charter, you can snorkel in the cool waters of the Aegean, reveal your speed enthusiast side with jet-skiing and test your balance with paddle boarding. Get ready for adrenaline-filled moments!


Feast of Flavor Kusadasi’s beaches are an indispensable route for flavor hunters! You can taste fresh seafood in local restaurants and fish restaurants and discover the unique flavors of Turkish cuisine. With Kusadasi private yacht charter service, cooking fresh fish on the boat and serving it hot and hot will add flavor to your holiday!


Moments Full of Love: An opportunity full of romance for those who want to propose marriage in Kuşadası! With one of the yachts for rent in Kuşadası, you can make an unforgettable memory with your loved ones accompanied by a unique sea view. How about spending a romantic day alone with your lover in the charming atmosphere of Kuşadası?


Kusadasi Daily Boat Charter



Day sea adventures two options waiting for you:

Two options await you for your daily Kusadasi Boat Charter adventures:


A program specially designed to explore the fascinating world of nature and the sea, starting with Kusadasi boat rental. On the day of your reservation, your specially prepared and cleaned boat and our friendly crew will be waiting for you at the harbor.


Our program starts at 10.00 am from the port,

  • Baradan Bay
  • Parsley Dark
  • Kargacik Bay
  • Koru Bay


We visit four different corners of paradise. We anchor in every bay and enjoy the cool waters.

Around 13.00, a hot and delicious lunch is served. Unlimited soft drinks and fruit are also waiting for you with your meal. This unforgettable sea voyage lasts 7 hours in total and ends with the return to the port at 17.00. All these enjoyable programs include meals.



A cultural tour departing from the port of Kuşadası or Davutlar at 10:00 a.m. where we explore historical and natural beauties such as the city center, Kuşadası Castle and Dilek Peninsula National Park. At each bay we anchor and take a swimming break and lunch is served around 13.30.


This tour is often ideal for those visiting Kusadasi for the first time or for those who have not seen these spectacular routes from the sea. You can experience this sea adventure full of the fascinating atmosphere and unique views of Kusadasi by choosing any of the Kusadasi charter yachts .


The meals and unlimited soft drinks offered in both programs are a storehouse of energy that will allow you to enjoy your time at sea. The food and drinks included in the excursion and swimming programs of our Kusadasi yacht charter service are as follows:


– Fresh meatballs, delicious fish or tender chicken

– A delicious salad prepared from the freshest vegetables of the season

– A hearty main course complemented with pasta or rice of your choice

– Take a sweet break with a variety of appetizers

– Unlimited soft drinks to quench your thirst

Included. If you wish, you can bring extra food and drinks with you.





You have the freedom to bring outside food and drink on board your chartered boat. You are not limited to the options on the menu, you can also choose meat, fish or chicken alternatives. Our team will cook and present these alternatives to you, taking into account your wishes. Moreover, we do not charge an extra fee for this service.


The aim of our Kusadasi private boat rental service is not only to ensure that you have a pleasant time at sea, but also to provide an environment where you can feel comfortable and peaceful. We create an atmosphere where you can relax as if you were at home, without any worries during your journey. We are at your side for an experience where you will have unforgettable moments in the unique natural beauties and calm sea of Kuşadası.


These principles are not limited to our Kusadasi boat rental service. The same standards apply to all other services we offer to discover the unique beauties of Kusadasi. The comfort and satisfaction of our valued customers is always our top priority.



How to Make a Reservation?



You can make your sea adventure special by following these steps for Kuşadası Yacht Charter service, which takes its inspiration from the unique beauties of Kuşadası:

Step One

When browsing among the boat rental options in Kusadasi, first decide what you are looking for. Is it a cultural trip or a cool swim in the embracing waters of nature? Perhaps you are looking for the ideal platform for an unforgettable birthday partyor a romantic marriage proposal. Each step lays the foundation for an experience that will best meet your desires.

Step Two

It is important to determine how many people you will be traveling with. Consider this detail when choosing one of the boat rental Kusadasi options. Under maritime law, it is important not to exceed the capacity specified in the boat’s license. Boats exceeding these limits may face criminal sanctions. So, be careful when making your choice.

Step Three:

Setting your dates is the next step in this exciting journey. If you have a flexible schedule, you can find the best time to spend a dream week in the waters of Kusadasi. Perhaps you are planning a week-long getaway and want to explore the hidden paradises of Kusadasi with a daily yacht charter. Indicate your availability and our team will provide you with suitable options.


After following these steps, you can contact our team to get a quote. They will help you with different options suitable for the budget you set. As a result, they will guide you in a healthier way, making it easier for you to choose from many more options.


Kusadasi Boat Charter Prices


One of the most curious topics is Kuşadası boat rental prices and time options. We do our best to help you choose the most suitable option for you by considering our hourly programs as well as our options for special events.


In terms of prices, we usually do not offer a fixed price list because the number and special requests are important in yacht charter service. For this reason, Yacht charter Kusadasi prices are usually shaped according to the number of people, program content and requested services. For example, we can set a price for a group of 12 people for a certain period of time. However, prices may be adjusted in case of changes in the number of groups or demand.


In this case, you may have to pay the same price or pay extra for a smaller group. Therefore, keep in mind that prices are shaped according to your demand.


To find out the prices of Kusadasi yacht charter, it is important to first determine your needs. Then, you can contact us by setting a suitable date and time. If you specify details such as location, number of people, date and preferred rental option, we can offer you the most suitable options.


We recommend you to get service from TURSAB member travel agencies because this way you can reach more reliable and accurate information. We are here to help you make the right choice! Come on, contact us for an unforgettable experience in the magnificent waters of Kusadasi and get the best prices!


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