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Marmaris is a resort located on the Aegean coast of Turkey and is a popular destination for blue cruises. While it offers a unique breakfast experience with its unique tea blend, it also draws attention with its turquoise waters and beautiful bays [1] [2]. Its beautiful bays such as the Gulf of Gokova, Bozburun, Selimiye, Datça and Palamut Buku are frequently included in private gulet programs, and for visitors to Marmaris, Ekincik Bay and Dalyan are famous for their sea turtles [1].

Marmaris yacht charter options give visitors the opportunity to offer a unique experience on the sea with various options such as boat rental Marmaris, daily boat rental Marmaris, private boat rental Marmaris, Marmaris charter boat and Marmaris charter yacht. It is located in a location that is only 45 minutes away from Dalaman Airport and easily accessible with its developed marinas [3]. This article will offer you the opportunity to explore the bays of Marmaris waiting to be discovered, learn how the boat rental process works, and learn about Marmaris yacht charter prices.

Marmaris Boat Rental Options

As one of the indispensable addresses of sea lovers, Marmaris offers an unforgettable experience to its visitors with various boat rental options. In this region, there are different sizes and types of yachts according to the needs and preferences of the users. Below is some important information about boat rental options in Marmaris:

  • Boat Types and Options:
    • Gulets, Motor Yachts, Sailing Boats, Catamarans, Ultra Luxury Motor Yachts: Marmaris yacht charter services offer a variety of yacht options to suit all kinds of marine passions. Gulets are generally ideal for those looking for a traditional and comfortable experience, motor yachts are suitable options for those who prefer speed and luxury, and sailboats are suitable options for those who want to be in touch with the sea.
    • Private Day Boats, Bareboat Charter, Trawler Charter, Cabin Charter: These options vary depending on the type of time spent at sea. Private day boat charters are ideal for short-term trips, while bareboat charters are ideal for those with maritime experience. Trawler and cabin charter options are offered for those who plan a long-term and comfortable sea holiday.
  • Charter Locations and Popular Boat Types:
    • There are rental boat options on the most beautiful coasts of the Aegean and Mediterranean such as Marmaris, Bodrum, Selimiye, Bozburun, Söğüt, Orhaniye, Fethiye, Göcek, Kaş, Kekova, Datça. Each location stands out with its unique beauties and sea routes.
    • The most popular boat types include Gulet, Beneteau, Yacht, Jeanneau, Fountaine Pajot, Bavaria, Lagoon, Bali and Custom-built boat models. This variety offers the possibility of planning a beach vacation for every taste and budget.
  • Charter Boat Options and Pricing:
    • There are more than 3000 boat rental options in and around Marmaris. These boat options cater to different needs, from day trips to long-term vacations.
    • For example, the Beneteau Cyclades 50.5 model, with 5 cabins, 11 people accommodation and cruising capacity, and a price of 16,552 ₺ / day; The Fountaine Pajot Elba 45 model, on the other hand, is offered for rent with 4 cabins, accommodation and cruising capacity for 10 people and at a price of 44,765 ₺ / day.

The wide range of boat rental options in and around Marmaris opens the doors of freedom and adventure on the sea. Whether you’re looking to sail the blue waters on a luxury yacht or prefer to rent a sailboat to chart your own course, Marmaris has something for all kinds of sea lovers.

Marmaris’ Bays Waiting to Be Discovered

Marmaris and its surroundings are full of natural beauties and historical riches waiting to be discovered. Some of the special bays and places in this region can give visitors unforgettable moments:

  • Taşlıca Village: Located on the Bozburun Peninsula, this village draws attention with its nature and olive groves with every shade of green. It is ideal for those who are looking for a quiet holiday.
  • Pyramid Cemetery: Located in Turgut Village, this ancient tomb was built around 200 BC for Diagoras and his wife Aristomachae. A stop not to be missed for history lovers.
  • Turgut Waterfall: Consisting of five different levels, these waterfalls offer a peaceful atmosphere away from the noise of Marmaris.

Other notable places in this area include:

  • Kızılkum Bay: Located in Adaköy, this bay can only be reached by sea. It resembles paradise with its turquoise waters and green nature.
  • Kızkumu: It offers a 600-meter-long sand path where you can walk from one shore to another in the middle of the sea. This natural wonder gives visitors a unique experience.
  • Orhaniye and Kızkalesi: Not well known due to the lack of a direct road connection, this coastal town attracts attention with its beautiful coastal road and impressive coastline. Located in Orhaniye, Kızkalesi is a castle-like structure in the middle of the sea, believed to be the ruins of an ancient city.

These bays and places of Marmaris waiting to be explored offer unique destinations that can be accessed by boat rental. The village of Söğüt is located in the Symi Bay of the Bozburun Peninsula and has a unique location where the Aegean and the Mediterranean meet. Gearce Island, on the other hand, is a volcanic island that can only be reached by sea, and can also be called Turkey’s own little Thailand. Its turquoise waters give visitors unforgettable moments with the magnificent harmony of green and blue. These places are among the best bays to explore with a Marmaris yacht charter and provide alternatives to popular boat rental destinations such as the Turkish Riviera, the Greek Islands, and the Dalmatian Coast. The fact that there are boats from more than 59 countries among the rental boat options in Marmaris indicates that this region is an international center of attraction.

How Does the Boat Rental Process Work?

The Marmaris yacht charter process consists of simple and understandable steps designed for visitors to have a pleasant time on the sea. The first step in the process is to determine your budget and choose a yacht model that suits your needs. Yacht charter prices vary depending on the model of the yacht chosen, the number of passengers, the amenities and services offered. Here are some key points about this process:

  1. Pricing and Options:
    • Prices vary depending on the type of yacht, the number of cabins, and the length of the charter.
    • Some yachts offer accommodation for up to 11 people, while others provide accommodation for up to 16 people.
  2. Reservation Process:
    • Daily yacht charters must be booked at least 5 days in advance and a deposit must be paid.
    • Factors such as season, yacht model, number of passengers, facilities and services offered affect yacht charter prices.
  3. Additional Services:
    • The rental company offers additional services such as transfer services, water sports, and diving tours.

In the light of this information, embarking on the Marmaris yacht charter process is an exciting step to experience unforgettable moments on the sea. Whether you’re planning a day trip or an extended vacation, it offers an ideal starting point for exploring Marmaris and its surrounding stunning bays.

Marmaris Yacht Charter Prices

In addition to customizing your vacation, being ideal for large groups, and offering economic advantages, Marmaris yacht charter provides a safe and enjoyable travel experience. It offers freedom during your trip and includes a guide service. It offers flexibility for your holiday planning with daily, weekly or hourly rental options.

  • Pricing & Boat Types:
    • Gulet: ₺69,853/day – ₺74,660.92/night
    • Luxury Gulet: ₺33,247.80 – ₺451,123.40/night
    • Catamaran: ₺183,364 per week
    • Deluxe Gulet Options: Esperanza, Cagan, S.Nur 1, Elis Ecem, Zehra Sultan, Rosşah, Emma Rosa Gulet; Prices range from €840 to €2,600/week.
  • Average Prices and Capacities:
    • Average boat rental price: 51,751 ₺/day
    • Average price for private boat rental with overnight accommodation: 54,376 ₺/night
    • Average price for boat rental without overnight accommodation: 38,045 ₺/day
    • Average boat length: 17.04 m (55.9 ft)
    • Average bed capacity: 8.25, average seating capacity: 10.52

These data show that there is a wide range of boat rental prices in Marmaris and there are options for every budget. Whether you’re looking for a luxurious experience or an economical option, there are ample options available to experience unforgettable moments in the crystalline waters of Marmaris.

Activities That Can Be Done with Boat Rental in Marmaris

Activities to be done with Marmaris yacht charter allow you to enjoy the sea and the sun, as well as experience moments full of adventure and discovery. Gemma Boat Rental offers a variety of daily tours and activities to enrich these experiences:

  • Sea and Sun Activities:
    • Exploring exclusive bays and sunbathing
    • Sea voyage with music
    • Discovery of historical and natural beauties with Hisaronu tours
    • Mud bath, thermal pool pleasure and observing caretta caretta turtles with Dalyan tour
  • Adventure & Exploration:
    • Being in touch with nature with jeep safari
    • Adrenaline-filled water sports such as parasailing and flyboarding
    • Extreme sports such as fishing, rafting
    • Ancient city tours (Ephesus, Fethiye, Pamukkale)
  • Cultural and Relaxing Activities:
    • Turkish Bath tour
    • Visiting water parks
    • ATV & Safari tours
    • Special day trips such as Rhodes, Köyceğiz Dalyan

These activities offer time to enjoy the crystal clear waters and unique nature in and around Marmaris, as well as to be immersed in history and culture. While adding color to your holiday with Marmaris yacht charter, you can also take advantage of health and relaxation opportunities. This diversity, which can be enjoyed by people of all ages and interests, makes Marmaris an ideal destination for a sea holiday.


What Should I Pay Attention To When Renting A Boat? The eight main categories you need to consider when chartering a boat are: Charter type (holiday or corporate event), yacht type, location and destination, number of guests, additional requests, booking time, budget and results. By evaluating these categories, you can make the most of the personalized yacht charter service.

What is the Daily Cost of Chartering a Yacht? The daily cost of a yacht charter varies depending on many factors, including the size, type, and level of luxury of the yacht. For the most accurate price information, you should get an offer according to the features of the yacht you want to rent and the services it offers.

What is the Price Range of Boat Tours in Marmaris? The prices of boat tours in Marmaris vary according to the duration of the tour, the route and the services it includes. It is best to inquire directly with tour providers for current prices and campaigns.

Which Points Does the Bozburun Boat Tour Visit? The Bozburun boat tour stops by many beautiful bays and islands on the Bozburun Peninsula. Yanıklar Bay, Söğüt Bay, Kehribuk Bay, Kiziltail Bay and Dirsekbükü are among the popular spots visited during this tour.

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