Side Yacht Charter




For those visiting Side for the first time

Side Overview


Side, famous for its ancient city, welcomes hundreds of thousands of guests every year. The fact that the ancient city, which was used as a temple and has many sarcophagi, is very close to the sea, was used by the locals to fulfill their worship in ancient times. It is necessary to continue on foot after a certain point on the road that can be reached by car until Side Center. On the way to the ancient city, many traditional figures are worth seeing.

First of all, camels welcome you, if you want, you can visit Side with a camel or take a photo. You walk through the ruins and reach an old performance space similar to the Collezium. This place has been turned into a museum. If you wish, you can examine the texture of the real ruins of Sideby entering with a museum card. Then the bazaar welcomes you. Again, no vehicles are allowed here. There is everything you need in the bazaar with shops left and right. If you want, you can buy gifts about Side for your loved ones here.


After finishing the bazaar in about 10 minutes, Side Harbor welcomes you. Side harbor, adjacent to the Temple of Apollo, is the starting point of our Side Yacht Charter service.


For Side Yacht Charter, you can rent the boat or yacht you like from Limancepte
, prepared as planned on the date of booking, will be waiting for you.


Included in the rental

Places to visit


Departing from Side Harbor

  • Temple of Apollo
  • Caretta Caretta bay
  • Manavgat River
  • Put hidden

We are heading towards your 4 different travel routes. You have the opportunity to swim in the sea by taking a swimming break in all bays.


During the Side Yacht Charter program, everything you will need is included in the package. If you choose the all-inclusive tour;

  • 6-hour rental
  • Fish menu (number of people)
  • Fruit treats
  • Captain’s fee
  • Fuel cost
  • Auxiliary staff

Included in the price. If you wish, you can bring any food and beverage you want with you. After informing our team how it should be done, it is cooked in the program and served hot. You can also request changes to the menu offered to you. You can plan the menu by contacting our team one day in advance.




Side yacht charter service does not only consist of the option mentioned above. This program is designed to introduce Side by sea and is fully comprehensive. The main objective is cultural sightseeing and swimming. At the same time, the options we are about to describe can determine your rental demand.

See also

  • Birthday celebration
  • Bachelor organization
  • Marriage proposal surprise
  • Anniversary
  • Wedding etc.

such celebrations are often preferred.
These celebrations are organized with programs starting at 17.00. The mesmerizing view of the sunset merging with the sea offers magnificent moments.


Carefully prepared concepts for celebrations include decorations. Decorations can be personalized.

  • Table decorations
  • Balloon decorations
  • Flowers suitable for the concept
  • Photo and Video shooting

These are completely optional and vary according to your request. After choosing the event you want to organize, you can plan all the details with our team.


Decor colors, balloon concept and many details are offered to you with options within the possibilities. After your approval, it is prepared by our team before the reservation. In this way, the yacht welcomes you on the day of booking without wasting time, with everything ready.



How to do it?


The steps you need to follow for Side Yacht Charter service are as follows.

  • Choose the program you need
  • Determine your headcount
  • Choose the boat
  • Confirm availability
  • Complete the booking by prepaying 40%.

REMEMBER! All our charter options include the cost of the captain and the staff assisting him/her !

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