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A New World to Discover!

Antalya is located on the southern coast of Turkey. It is known all over the world for its tranquility, the sea and the natural beauty that has been preserved to this day. The fact that there are fewer high-rise buildings compared to other cities offers the opportunity to see the deep blue sea from the city center.


Antalya is rich in unique history, spectacular beaches and cultural heritage. However, it offers many beauties to be discovered not only on land but also from the sea. Antalya private yacht charter service allows you to see the city in all its splendor.

The luxury yachts owned by many celebrities in Turkey and around the world are actually worth a fortune. Not only that, but the maintenance of these boats, labor costs, captain’s expenses, mooring fees… the list of expenses is endless. So what is done with all this money? Instead of spending such a fortune on yachts that are not even used for 1 month in a year, you can rent a yacht for 1 in 100 for any month of the year and in any location you want. Antalya private yacht charter service you can enjoy at very affordable prices.


Yachts for rent in Antalya

What does it offer?


One of the most common summer activities in Antalya, one of the hottest cities in Turkey, is swimming in the sea. Everyone who wants to swim prefers the city’s most famous beach, Konyaaltı beach, which stretches from the cliffs to the Liman neighborhood, and alternatively Lara beaches. Sea lovers who have experienced the magnificent adventures of the blue before are embarking on new adventures with their own boats or by evaluating Antalya charter yacht options and sailing into the endless blue.

Considering the high international demand for beaches, the people living in Antalya and the high number of local visitors it receives all year round, sometimes there is no place to swim and there is no place to have an activity with family or close friends.


Both for these reasons and for those who really want to see Antalya in full,
Antalya yacht charter
from being an alternative, it sometimes becomes a necessity.

Antalya’s city center consisting of the cliff structure, the historical Kaleiçi harbor, Düden Waterfall and virgin bays is an excellent place for yacht tourism. If you have come to Antalya for a vacation, you may want to visit one of these routes that you have not experienced before.
Antalya yacht charter
service is for you. If you have not chartered before, we will make it easier for you to find the right boat by examining the charter service in detail in this content so that you can choose the most suitable route and the most suitable program for you among more than 50 Antalya charter yacht options.


For new alternatives

Antalya yacht charter


  • Sightseeing and Swimming: Antalya has countless routes to explore by sea. Starting from Konyaaltı harbor, we take a city tour by visiting Düden Waterfall, Turtle Island and Konyaaltı beach and anchor for a swimming break. Also check out the different routes we organize .


  • Special occasions
    A yacht completely dedicated to you, where the captain and sailors are on board to serve you, where you can turn on the music you want, where you can plan your meals or drinks with personalization.
    birthday, anniversary, bachelorette, wedding, engagement, henna
    You can add a different color to the organizations by choosing our packages such as.


  • Water sports While traveling on the sea with boat rental Antalya service, you also have the opportunity to participate in water sports. You can snorkel, dive, jet-ski and try different activities such as paddle boarding.


  • Delicious Cuisine Antalya is famous for its beaches, local restaurants and fish restaurants. The richness of seafood and delicious Turkish cuisine is also offered to you in your Antalya boat rental service. Fresh fish such as sea bass and sea bream are bought fresh daily, cooked on the boat and served hot during your charter hours.


  • Yacht charter for marriage proposal: Those who want to propose to the person they want to marry want to make it both surprising and unforgettable with a creative idea. This situation can sometimes become intractable. In fact, the most important thing is that the proposal is sincere and realistic. Because many concepts are made out of formality. Because the biggest mistake is choosing a concept without a story. This concept, where you can be alone with your spouse-to-be and experience romantic moments, will both give you real emotions and will remain in your memory as an unforgettable memory.





Antalya Daily Yacht Charter


For daily rentals Two different options are waiting for you.


First program,

Konyaaltı yacht charter is our special program where we aim to visit natural beauties starting from Konyaaltı. The yacht you have booked in advance will be ready for you on the day of booking, cleaned and the whole crew including the captain will be waiting for you.

In our program starting from the port at 10.00 am, you will visit 4 different bays where you can see natural beauties.

  • Turtle Island
  • Calticak
  • Kargicak
  • About to become a secret cove

anchor here and take swimming breaks. Your lunch will be served hot around 13.00. The program also includes unlimited soft drinks and fruit. The trip lasts 5 and a half hours in total and ends at the harbor at 15.30. Meals are included not only in Konyaaltı yacht charter option but also in all our programs.


Second program, departing from Konyaaltı or Kundu port at 10.00 a.m.

  • City center
  • Cliffs
  • Kaleici
  • Duden waterfall
    is a cultural tour. Anchor in these bays and take swimming breaks. Lunch is served around 13.30.

This tour is generally suitable for people who are visiting Antalya for the first time or who have not experienced these regions from the sea before. At the same time, with Kaleici yacht charter, we apply a similar program for our programs starting from Kaleici harbor.

You have never experienced Antalya like this before with the structure of the cliffs stretching along the cliffs, Kaleiçi yacht rental, the texture of Kaleiçi smelling of history, the imposing stance of Düden waterfall. A must-try trip.


Meals and unlimited soft drinks during the program, which is valid for both programs , will give you back the energy you have lost in the tiring pace of the sea. Antalya yacht charter service for sightseeing swimming programs

  • Meatballs, fish or chicken
  • Seasonal salad
  • Pasta or rice
  • Various appetizers
  • Soft drinks are included.





You can bring food and drinks from outside to the yachts you rent through our company. For example, you can bring meat, fish or chicken as an alternative to the options on your menu. Our team will prepare them for you the way you want them cooked and serve them at no extra charge. In Antalya yacht charter service, our aim is to make you feel at home by offering you an environment where you can have fun and have a good time. It also applies to Antalya boat rental .


Antalya daily yacht charter
There are many options other than the Antalya center route prepared by our travel agency for the convenience of our guests who want to receive the service. Take a look at these programs we have prepared for you to discover new places.

You can make a choice according to your own budget from our interface where you can access all available options for your Antalya yacht charter request with a single click.




Understanding the Differences


There are many differences between boat rental and yacht rental in Antalya. Firstly, boat charters are usually carried out with smaller and more cost-effective boats, while yacht charters are carried out with larger and luxury yachts. Yacht charter usually offers more luxury and comfort, while boat charter can be a more economical option.

In addition, boat charter is usually a shorter-term experience, while yacht charter is usually a longer-term vacation option. Boat charters are usually carried out on a daily or weekly basis, while yacht charters can often include charters for longer than a week.



There are several factors to consider when choosing a boat charter or yacht charter in Antalya. First, it is important to consider your budget. Boat charter can often be a more affordable option, while yacht charter can be more expensive. Therefore, it is important to choose the option that fits your vacation budget.

It is also important to consider your vacation plan and your needs. If you only want to go on a boat trip for a day or a few days, a boat rental may be more suitable for you. However, if you are planning a longer vacation and are looking for luxury and comfort, yacht charter may be a better option.




Exploring the Benefits


Renting a boat in Antalya has many advantages. First, boat charters give you freedom and flexibility. You can go and stop wherever you want, whenever you want. Also, a boat charter gives you more privacy and personal space. You can stay away from crowded tourist groups and spend time only with your loved ones.

Boat rental is also a great option for exploring the natural beauty. You can explore Antalya’s magnificent bays and beaches, swim and snorkel. Boat charter also gives you the opportunity to participate in sea sports such as fishing or diving.


There are a few tips to make your Antalya daily boat rental or yacht charter experience a success. First, it is important to choose a reliable and reputable rental company. A good company will provide you with adequate security measures and technical support.

It is also important to plan your vacation in advance. Planning in advance which route you will take and where you will stop can prevent stressful situations. It is also important to check the weather and wait for favorable conditions to travel safely.

Finally, pay attention to safety at sea. Do not hesitate to use life jackets and other safety equipment. Also, communicate respectfully with other boats and yachts at sea.





There may be differences between private boat charter and yacht charter prices in Antalya. Boat charter can often be a more affordable option, while yacht charter can be more expensive. Prices may vary depending on the duration of the charter, the size of the boat, the level of luxury and other factors.

Boat rental prices can be determined on a daily or weekly basis. Usually the cost of renting a boat increases depending on the size of the boat and the level of luxury. Yacht charter prices are usually determined on a weekly or longer basis. The cost of yacht charter can vary depending on the size, level of luxury and other features of the yacht.




While boat charter is a more cost-effective and shorter-term option, yacht charter is a more luxurious and long-term vacation option. It is important to consider your budget, vacation plans and needs to determine which option is more suitable for you.

To make your Antalya boat charter or yacht charter experience a success, it is important to choose a reliable charter company, plan your vacation in advance and take safety at sea into consideration. Make the right choice to make the most of your vacation and discover the beauties of Antalya.



For reservation

What needs to be done


First step

Make sure that the yacht you choose among Antalya charter yacht options first meets your needs. So basically with this rental you first need to determine what you are aiming for.


Second step

The second step to follow after choosing the activity you need
How many people
you will be. This issue is important because even if the Antalya charter boat you choose is suitable for your needs, the yachts have the capacity to accommodate as many people as determined in the license in accordance with the maritime laws. Yachts exceeding this number face penal sanctions.


Step three

In the third step, you will be able to History is the range. This can actually be at the beginning of all the steps. Our guests who have a flexible availability calendar, for example, our visitors who are in Antalya within a 1-week vacation period and want to rent a yacht in Antalya can inform our team about this, and the available preferences at times that may be suitable for the activities they have chosen for boat rental Antalya will be reported to them.


Antalya Yacht charter option is not only about daily tours. You can also experience the natural bays and historical beauties of our other touristic locations such as Alanya, Kaş, Kalkan, Kemer with accommodation options. You can move away from the monotonous hotel vacations and look for more creative and relaxing options and plan a 1-week stay for sightseeing swimming programs.


After following this 3-step rental step, you can get a price from our team. Our team will make it easier for you to make a choice by offering different options suitable for the budget you set.



Yacht Tour

First of all, it is necessary to address what Antalya yacht tour means. In fact, yacht tours should be called all programs made with private charters, but they are confused with boat tours. Boat tours are programs where more than 100 people share the same boat with standard meals and routes. Ticketed sales are available. It does not have customizable content.

But is there not the same option on a yacht, where different people share a boat together? we would like to make a small explanation for those who wonder. Yachts are generally available for private charters. It is not possible for different people to be on the same yacht with a ticket. Because what yacht charters basically offer is the opportunity to live the blue cruise experience privately. Of course, it is not completely private, our captain and sailors will be with you throughout the charter.

If you prefer a more economical Antalya yacht tour, we recommend you to examine our more economical options, and if you contact us before the peak season, you can be sure that you will receive much more affordable price offers.




Antalya Yacht Charter Prices


One of the most curious topics is Antalya yacht charter prices and time options. We have tried to elaborate on some of our special programs related to the watch above and how you should choose according to your needs, be sure to take a look.

As for the price, you are unlikely to encounter a clear price for daily and hourly prices in yacht charter options. Because such rentals include meals and different treats. This causes the price to be indexed to the number of people. Therefore, the fixed prices of Antalya boat rentalcan lead to some different bad results.

For example, let’s consider a boat with a capacity of 12 people and available on the date you want with a 6-hour daily boat rental option. Assume that the product price is given as 12.000TL in total for 8 people for a 6-hour daily rental with a fixed price. If a group of 8 people chooses this boat, there will be no problem, but unfortunately the numbers are not always as desired.

For example, a group of 4 people would have to pay extra because they have to buy at the same price, leading to unfair profits.

If 12 people had preferred this boat instead of a group of 8 people, this time the boat owner would have been victimized since he would have paid 12.000tl again.

And since the prices given by the most important companies are legally binding, there would be no going back and they would have to provide services at the price they offer, leading to inefficient service models.

For these reasons, Antalya yacht charter prices are completely shaped according to the demand content and mutual victimization is tried to be prevented.

We would like to give you a few tips on how to access current prices as quickly as possible

  1. Our first and most important recommendation is to get service from TURSAB member travel agencies because the price offers you will receive from other companies will not reflect the reality, no matter how attractive they are. Don’t let them steal your money and energy by offering you yachts for rent at affordable prices!
  2. Location
  3. Person
  4. History
  5. Choose the rental option you need (swimming, special event, birthday, etc.)
  6. Choosing a suitable yacht in your chosen region

Some steps may not be entirely clear. For example, in cases where future changes in your headcount are possible, you can set an upper limit on the number of people who can come and get information about various combinations. You can also get preliminary information for the days in your availability calendar if there are more options for the dates you want.

For example, you want to get information for Antalya boat rental price , but the date and number of people are not clear and you have not even chosen which location yet. In such a case, our team will make more than one recommendation to you and provide you with details of the program content and availability with prices. In this way, both our guests who have a clear decision and our guests who have not yet decided will have the opportunity to reach the right conclusion thanks to our boat rental guides.

If you have completed all these steps, you are now very closeto Antalya yacht charter prices. Finally, you can learn the current prices by contacting our team via WhatsApp or our phone numbers and conveying all these choices. At the same time, our team will guide you to make the right choice by conveying similar boat preferences suitable for the dates you choose. Come on! Choose the boat that suits you and contact us for price offers and find out Antalya boat rental prices quickly!



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