Frequently Asked Questions

Is there anyone else on the Boat & Yacht?
Although the captain and sailor are compulsory on the boat & yacht, they serve only for you. Thanks to our tailor-made travel planning service, all your needs are taken into consideration and you are ensured to have a perfect and comfortable holiday. It is our priority to ensure that our guests have the best and most memorable vacation experience.
Can we choose a different tour route?
The tour routes on our yachts and boats have been carefully prepared and designed to ensure that you have the best experience during your charter hours. However, new routes are also available for those who have already experienced these routes. If you specify your special requests to our team, we can make a special rental for you.
Are hourly rentals possible?
We also evaluate your special rental requests that are not specified in our tour program. You can make your day unforgettable by renting a private boat for a few hours. You only need to check the availability of the boat you want to reserve for that day. Where available, we will do everything we can to ensure that you have a special tour experience with your loved ones.
What is a tour program?
Our boat and yacht options are divided into special tour programs according to the location of your choice. Our aim is to provide you with the best route, the best meal options and the best time slot for you and to offer you a package with all your needs in mind. Thus, you can have a comfortable tour experience without thinking about anything after the rental process.
Is the food standard?
When you make a reservation on the yachts and boats we offer, you will be offered a choice of three different menus: meat, fish and chicken. However, if you have a request for a vegetarian menu, just let our team know up to one day before the reservation day.
Are the drinks standard?
Soft drinks are offered free of charge on our yachts and boats you will rent. You can choose from Coke, Fanta, water, tea, coffee, soda and fruit juice. Alcoholic drinks are available for a fee. In addition, if you request, we can prepare your special drink preferences for you by informing our team up to 1 day before the tour. We do our best to ensure that our guests have a comfortable and enjoyable vacation. It is our priority to plan your trip in the best way by clarifying all the details before chartering a yacht.
Do children count as persons?
The licenses of the boats and yachts you choose determine the maximum number of people and this number is applied regardless of age. For example, on a boat or yacht with a capacity of 12, up to 12 people are accepted without age restrictions.