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Golden Horn Eminonu Yacht Charter

Haliç ve Eminönü Limanı
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  • Bosphorus Tour
  • Princes' Islands Yacht Tour
  • Marriage Proposal
  • Birthday
  • Farewell to Bachelorhood
  • Chapter

Rota bilgisi

Bosphorus Tour
Our Bosphorus cruise offers the perfect opportunity to explore the unique beauties of Istanbul with your loved ones and have an unforgettable experience. We aim to provide you with the best Bosphorus experience with our luxurious and comfortable yachts, special services and professional organization.

During our tour, you will have the opportunity to see the most important structures of Istanbul's historical peninsula up close. On our route from Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge to the Maiden's Tower and the Golden Horn Entrance, you will have the chance to see places such as Historical Ottoman Mansions, Beylerbeyi Palace, Çırağan Palace, Dolmabahçe Palace, Maiden's Tower, Golden Horn Entrance, Topkapi Palace and Hagia Sophia Palace from the sea. We cannot think of a better opportunity to see the magnificent historical and natural beauties of the Bosphorus from a unique perspective.

We serve you privately and you can completely customize our tour to your own taste. We contact you before the tour to meet your requests for food, beverages and music. In this way, we act completely according to your wishes during the tour. You, on the other hand, discover the fascinating beauties of the Bosphorus while traveling in a completely relaxed and comfortable environment.
Princes' Islands Tour
The uniquely beautiful Islands of Istanbul have become a popular tourist destination among Istanbulites as a fairytale land. The natural beauties, historical ruins and cultural riches of the Princes' Islands are among the unique places that should definitely be seen.

Our princes' islands yacht tour service allows you to explore these beauties with a private yacht. During the tour, you can take a stroll on your preferred islands, watch these unique views on your boat or take swimming breaks. During the tour, our captain will inform you about the islands and give you route recommendations.

Büyükada stands out as one of the most popular islands among tourists. With the islands yacht tour, you can travel to the depths of the island by traveling around this natural wonderful island by carriage. In addition, the other islands of the Princes' Islands are waiting to be discovered with their different historical structures and cultures.

Our Princes' Islands yacht tour service is carried out with our private yachts, and during the tour, our captain will offer you suggestions and adjust the routes according to your wishes. The tour takes place between 9:00 and 18:00 in the evening, and our prices vary according to the characteristics of the yacht.

You can also choose our Princes' Islands yacht tour service to explore the Princes' Islands with its unique natural beauties, historical ruins, and culture.
Wouldn't you like to celebrate your most special moment in life with your loved ones in the most beautiful place in the world? The Birthday celebration on the Yacht, which immortalizes every moment with the magnificent beauty of the Bosphorus, is exactly what you are looking for!

We immortalize all your special moments with our professional video recording and photo shooting service, while having a full day with special menus, unlimited soft drinks and birthday cake. With our expert team, we take your stress away by designing special organizations, considering every detail and preparing a perfect Birthday on Yacht celebration for you.

You are at the right address for a once-in-a-lifetime birthday celebration! Contact us and experience the most special moments of your life with your loved ones. We look forward to giving you an unforgettable day with our competent team and carefully prepared organizations. Contact us now and let us be with you in the most special moments of your life!
Marriage Proposal
A marriage proposal is one of the most memorable and romantic moments in a woman's life. All the details of this once-in-a-lifetime moment are an organization that requires special attention and a professional approach and should be specially designed according to your personal preferences. Limancepte is at your service with a professional team to provide a unique moment for your special day.

The marriage proposal on the yacht, which takes place with a fascinating view of the Bosphorus, is unique to create an unforgettable experience in a romantic atmosphere. With options such as romantic yacht and table decoration, photo and video shooting, drone, laser, volcano, volcano, torch, fireworks, VIP vehicle, dinner, we aim to offer a special service just for you and your loved one.

Limancepte offers a professional and personalized approach to organizing an event where every detail is carefully planned. Our organization team handles every detail of the event, which will be specially designed to realize your special dreams.
You and your loved one will have a wonderful memory of a marriage proposal with every detail carefully thought out. You will enjoy these moments to the fullest and have an unforgettable experience. Make no mistake, a day full of unforgettable memories awaits you!
Farewell to Bachelorhood
Are you approaching the most special day of your life and saying goodbye to your bachelor?

Bachelor and bachelorette parties are one of the unforgettable moments where you can get together with your friends and have fun for the last time before you embark on your marriage journey.

The bachelorette package, which has recently become an organization mostly made by women among themselves, has been carefully prepared for you to experience unforgettable moments on the yacht with your loved ones, accompanied by the magnificent view of the Bosphorus. You can meet on the yacht with your special costumes and enjoy the unique view. You can also celebrate your special moments with volcano confetti, fireworks, laser show, music and live music.

For an unforgettable experience in a private atmosphere away from the city crowds, we also travel to bays such as Bebek Bay. We also fulfill your special requests such as female waitress, female DJ, female photographer. You should contact us for an unforgettable organization by sharing the route, food menu, number of people and other details with us a few days in advance.

We make special pricing for weekdays and weekends and we can organize a special organization for up to 100 guests.

Unlike many venues, bachelor parties on a yacht are both economical and a choice that will appeal to your eyes and heart.
You can spend an unforgettable night with the pleasure of chapters on the yacht in the Bosphorus, which is specially designed for you. If you are tired of indoor entertainment, chapter entertainment on the yacht may be just the entertainment you are looking for. If you want to spend a nice evening accompanied by live music, we offer you a different night with our professional chapter crew, well-equipped yacht staff and breathtaking view.

All the artists in the chapter group specially designed for you offer you the songs you want. Chapter entertainment on the yacht is special for you as it is arranged only for you and is arranged as you wish. While you enjoy the chapter on the yacht and watch the unique view, violinists, artists and rhythm masters take care of you, which allows you and your friends to focus on the fun.

In addition, you can organize any organization you want on the yacht. By decorating the interior and exterior parts of the yacht you rented, you can perform oriental show, laser and volcano show, professional video and photo shooting on the yacht.

We have thought of every detail for you to have an unforgettable night and we offer the highest quality and correct service to our guests without sacrificing our events and organizations. If you want, you can plan this special organization by taking advantage of our hourly yacht charter service.

Tour Included

  • Captained charter
  • Fuel
  • Non-alcoholic beverage
  • Fruit Treats
  • Snack Treats

Tour Excluded

  • Alcoholic beverage
  • Extra food
  • Off-route destinations
  • Extra organization
  • Transfer


Haliç ve Eminönü Limanı

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there anyone else on the Boat & Yacht?
Although the captain and sailor are compulsory on the boat & yacht, they serve only for you. Thanks to our tailor-made travel planning service, all your needs are taken into consideration and you are ensured to have a perfect and comfortable holiday. It is our priority to ensure that our guests have the best and most memorable vacation experience.
Can we choose a different tour route?
The tour routes on our yachts and boats have been carefully prepared and designed to ensure that you have the best experience during your charter hours. However, new routes are also available for those who have already experienced these routes. If you specify your special requests to our team, we can make a special rental for you.
Are hourly rentals possible?
We also evaluate your special rental requests that are not specified in our tour program. You can make your day unforgettable by renting a private boat for a few hours. You only need to check the availability of the boat you want to reserve for that day. Where available, we will do everything we can to ensure that you have a special tour experience with your loved ones.
What is a tour program?
Our boat and yacht options are divided into special tour programs according to the location of your choice. Our aim is to provide you with the best route, the best meal options and the best time slot for you and to offer you a package with all your needs in mind. Thus, you can have a comfortable tour experience without thinking about anything after the rental process.
Is the food standard?
When you make a reservation on the yachts and boats we offer, you will be offered a choice of three different menus: meat, fish and chicken. However, if you have a request for a vegetarian menu, just let our team know up to one day before the reservation day.
Are the drinks standard?
Soft drinks are offered free of charge on our yachts and boats you will rent. You can choose from Coke, Fanta, water, tea, coffee, soda and fruit juice. Alcoholic drinks are available for a fee. In addition, if you request, we can prepare your special drink preferences for you by informing our team up to 1 day before the tour. We do our best to ensure that our guests have a comfortable and enjoyable vacation. It is our priority to plan your trip in the best way by clarifying all the details before chartering a yacht.
Do children count as persons?
The licenses of the boats and yachts you choose determine the maximum number of people and this number is applied regardless of age. For example, on a boat or yacht with a capacity of 12, up to 12 people are accepted without age restrictions.
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