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Kemer Family Boat

Kemer Marina
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Rental Option

With Captain

Group Size

32 people




  • Moonlight
  • Paradise Bay
  • Kirish Bay
  • Phaselis Bay
  • Alacasu Bay
  • Pirate Cave

Rota bilgisi

Option 1 (09:30-15:30)
The Day Tour offers a fun route designed to provide a special holiday experience. On the 6-hour trip starting at 09:30 from Kemer Marina, magnificent views, unique sea aura and the most beautiful beaches of the coastline will be waiting for you. Your route is designed in the best way for you to spend this time in the best way and to see the most beautiful places during your holiday.

Everything you need during the tour is available in our carefully prepared package content. You will choose in advance; We meet all your needs such as meatballs, fish, chicken menu, appetizers, salads, soft drinks, fruits, containers and fuel. During your tour, you can request free and unlimited non-alcoholic drinks. If you wish, you can bring food and drink with you.

We offer you more flexibility with our time options and make our tours more convenient. Experience your vacation with us and enjoy every moment.
Option 2 (16:00-21:00)
16:00 Departure from Kemer Marina 17:00 Moonlight Bay 18:00 Paradise Bay 19:00 Kirish Bay and dinner at sunset 21:00 Alacasu and return
Birthday surprise, Marriage proposal, Anniversary, etc.
If there is an activity you want to do for the people you love, we are ready to do it for you. Our team in the field, let's plan the activity you want to do on the yacht you have planned in advance, and everything you come to be ready. Contact us for marriage proposals, Anniversary and Birthday organizations and decorations.

Tour Included

  • 6 Hour skippered charter
  • 1 Meal Special meal for you
  • Non-alcoholic beverage
  • Fruit Treats
  • Fuel, transcribe money

Tour Excluded

  • Alcoholic beverage
  • Extra food
  • Jet-skiing
  • Off-route destinations
  • Extra organization
  • Transfer


Kemer Marina

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there anyone else on the Boat & Yacht?
The Boats & Yachts you want to rent through Limancepte provide special service only for you. In order to experience this holiday in the best way, at least 2 people, the Captain and the Sailor, will be on the boat or yacht with you. Although it varies according to the content of the tour, our Cook and Waiter teammates can be included in the tour depending on the situation.
Do children count as persons?
Yes, the maximum number of people on the boats and yachts you choose are the values in the license and these are evaluated regardless of age. For example, a boat with a capacity of 12 can accommodate a maximum of 12 people, regardless of age.
Is the food standard?
3 different menus will be waiting for you on the yachts you want to book. These are Meat, Fish and Chicken menus. If you have a request other than the menu we have prepared for vegetarian menus, it is sufficient to tell our team 1 day before the reservation day.
Can we choose a different tour route?
The package you purchased has prepared a specific tour route for you in advance. This route has been carefully prepared by our team to give you the best experience within the rented hour. Of course, new routes are also possible for those who have had this experience before. You can make a private rental by submitting your requests to our team.
Are hourly rentals possible?
Private rentals for a few hours that are not included in the program are possible. If the boat you want to reserve is available that day, our team will help you with this.
What is a tour program?
The boat & yacht options you will rent are divided into tour programs according to the location you choose. These programs are offered to you in the form of 2 different programs, Morning and Sunset, in the form of a 6-hour rental. The aim here is to choose the best route, the best food and time interval for you in advance and present it as a package.
Are the drinks standard?
Soft drinks will be offered to you at the Yacht & Boat service you will rent without paying any fee. Soft drinks: - Cola, Fanta, Water, Tea, Coffee, Soda, Fruit juice.. Alcoholic beverages are offered to you for a fee. There are many types of minibars, but if you have a special request, you can let our team know what you want up to 1 day before the tour.


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